Life Is Better For The Black Community When we Collaborate

We encourage Black Professionals to embrace the Agile values, principles and practices.
Our Vision

Our Vision

Creativity and innovation are birthed from autonomy.

Our Strategic Pillars

Our Strategic Pillars

Unity is at the heart of everything we do.

Join Our Forum

Join Our Forum

Collaborate anywhere, from any device.

Empowering Black Professional Communities and Businesses

Our desire is to ensure that we provide information and education to the black community, be that children, young adults, IT and Agile professionals as well as all those wanting to adopt a more agility-based mindset.

The time is now for us to re-imagine a world where we’re able to take our seat at the table and steer the agenda, in both corporate settings, institutions as well as in black-owned businesses.

We’re committed to community, as we know that we as black people will only succeed through unity and collaboration.


What We believe in

Our Behaviour

  • We individually take ownership of our community’s welfare
  • We are fair, consistent and show empathy always
  • We are active and committed to the group
  • We have respect for each other’s opinion
  • We deliberately create an environment that allows free expression

As An Agile Community

We are results driven professionals who share knowledge, act with integrity, accountability and transparency at all times, to support each other, while being accommodating of each

We want to promote, teach and equip the black community with collaboration skills using Agile Principles and Techniques, and also train, mentor and coach those wanting a career, the theory and its practical application in the ever-growing field of Agile Development and Delivery.

Agile Coach and Mentor

Decades of Experience

Agile thinking and approach…

…underscored by a piecemeal, iterative approach to building Products and Services. The main benefit of this is that there is a clear understanding that the starting point of most new products and services are predicated upon a bunch of assumptions, therefore the journey itself is treated as a journey of discovery, learning and validation of those assumptions. Breaking the undertaking down into smaller tasks, ensures that not only are we in more control of the elements, but the meaning of success is much better and easier defined for every iteration.

Ononeme, Conrad. The Little Book Of 10 Important Anti-Patterns In Business Agility Transformation: Observations Of A Coach (AntiPatterns)

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