About Us

A Dynamic Group Of Black Professionals Focused on Individual Excellence As The Foundation For Professional And Community Excellence

BEAM is a global community of black professionals with a common interest in building economic power for black communities everywhere, powered by active collaboration (using Agile collaboration Principles) based on our Four Pillars.

At BEAM we care for the whole individual, therefore we also provide training, mentoring, a Youth Leadership Internship Programe,  Career & Business Consulting, as well as networking opportunities, and Social events.

Our Mission
Our main mission is to empower black people of all professions and occupations, with transferable skills, competences and tools that equip them for success in their careers businesses and other endeavours by teaching and using Agile collaborative principles and techniques.

Our philosophy incorporates the adoption of Agile practices, so they become second nature to our community members.

Through our teachings on collaboration and smarter ways of working, we encourage the creation and running of businesses based on the Agile approach.

1-Week Sprint Workshops For Beginners

If You Have Never Run A Sprint, This Workshop Is For You