About You

What Is Your Story?

As a small Black Business, we want BEAM to help us become more Agile in our approach so that we can deliver valuable products and services.

We want to deliver products with igh adoption rates.
To increase our customer retention by 60% in the first year.
To improve customer journeys and customer experience.

As a professional, I would like to embrace the Agile ways of working, so that I can increase my chances of being more collaborative in cross-functional teams.

I recently passed my exams and became a Certified Scrum Master.
However, I cannot get a job because I have no practical experience as a Scrum Master.
I would like a platform which would allow me to put my Scrum Master role into practice. A platform that offers a hands-on practical experience.

As a Black Professional, I want to network and collaborate with other black professionals. I want a safe place where I can express my ideas. I want to belong to a community that can empower me.