BEAM Consulting

A Dynamic Group Of Black Professionals United By Agile Principles

At BEAM Consulting, we speak YOUR language, from YOUR perspective.

Every client is unique therefore our consulting services are bespoke for each client; no solution is the same.

With our suite of highly experienced consultants with an aggregate 200 years deep Management and IT, BEAM offers both fully hosted End-to-End Services as well as cherry-pick services that cover:

    • Business Agility Transformation
    • Change Management
    • IT systems and infrastructure analysis, re-design and managed delivery.
    • Planning a timeline for completion of projects.
    • Understanding a client’s business needs.
    • Implementation of technological solutions to meet business needs.
    • Business Start-up Consulting
    • Management Training
    • Leadership Training
    • Agile Coaching
    • Leadership Coaching
    • In-House IT and Management Capacity design, build and delivery

As a true ground-up Agile Consultancy, we pride ourselves on two things:

    • The Customer is fully involved in the design of all their services throughout the entire lifecycle so that we know we are delivering what the customer needs; not what we think the customer wants.
    • The speedy, early, and frequent delivery of value to every client for every undertaking we engage in.

For a free consultancy please contact our Consulting Team at

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