Join Our Forum

Join Our Forum

Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in our Agile Forum.

We have built a collaborative platform and it is on Workplace, it is easy to join. Simply follow the link and the rest is easy.

This platform is a great place for individuals to actively participate and learn more about Agile. We have Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Product Owners who will give you free practical advice about Agile ways of working within and outside of your organisation. You will find answers to questions, support, and inspiration from other BEAM members. You can create project groups for teams on the platform.

As a black professional, it is important to equip ourselves with as much experience as possible because our battle is harder. Sometimes we fall into a catch-22 scenario where we can’t get a job without experience and conversely we can’t get experience without a job.

On this platform, we actively take part in real live projects. Our platform was born Agile, it came about just before the Covid-19 Pandemic lockdown which means we have 100% remote collaboration.

We participate in daily standups via zoom, we have bi-weekly social events and a host of other programmes on our platform.

As a Black professional community, we aim to explore and meet the needs of our members through constant feedback and member insight.

Access our forum through the Workplace mobile app or from any mobile browser.

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