What Does Agile Mean To You?

What Does Agile Mean To You?

“WHAT IS Agile…?” I am often asked…

Unfortunately, the fundamentally different nature of Agile does not lend itself to a neat little one-liner or paragraph, if we are to truly grasp the essence of it.

So…usually I will ask rhetorically (mostly in soliloquy to myself): “What is it not…..?”

Well…..the Answer to that is that Agile IS BIGGER…and MORE!

It’s a PHILOSOPHICAL change in how we THINK of the Customer, How we fund ideas, HOW we structure enterprises and HOW we grow cultures.
(Fun Fact: The root word of the word “culture” by the way..comes from the Latin word “cult”…so next time you hear the word Culture, think about it a little differently, and you will understand why this is central to the success of Agility)

Agile is bigger than software engineering…

Agile is more than Scrum, Kanban, ScrumBan, SAFe, Nexus, Spotify Model (or any frameworks out there)

Agile is more than a continuous delivery pipeline.

Agile is WIDER than multidisciplined teams, Roadmaps, Stand-ups and Retrospectives.

Agile is MORE…

Agile is a fundamental shift in the way that we build teams and services.

It’s a deeper understanding of the physics of delivering products in the 21st century.

It’s a philosophical change in how we fund ideas, structure enterprises and grow cultures.

……Agile is DIFFERENT

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